Albany Whale Tours Update

Hi Everyone

Life at Albany Whale Tours has been rather hectic since the 23rd May when we conducted our first whale watching cruise – and wonderfully, we have seen whales on every cruise since then.

The Humpbacks are powering past in vast numbers and we have had great sightings – sometimes 20 or 30  in scattered pods and at times, too many to  keep track of and count.  Much breaching, tail slapping and general boisterous behaviour is exhibited in the swirling waters off Breaksea and Michelmas Islands and Bald Head.

There has been a trickle of Southern Rights; three sighted so far.   This species generally arrive later in the season, but the positive aspect to their visits is that they tend to come much closer in to shore and also stay around longer, giving birth and tending their young calves.

A holiday bonus is that passengers pay once and cruise twice.  Whether whales are sighted or not, all passengers are given a free return ticket which needs to be used within a week.

Please telephone or email us to book your cruise, and do check out our website.

Cheers, John

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