Silhouette Media Release

Silhouette Outdoor Projections Bendigo Bank Southern Art & Craft Trail 2012
Perth projection artists Kat Black and Jasper Cook (VJzoo) will present a series of exciting, large video projections onto the ‘sails’ of the new Albany Entertainment Centre during the evenings of 28th, 29th and 30th September from 7-10pm.

The images projected will include artwork created by children from Albany Community Kindergarten class, young people 10-17 years who took part in the Vancouver Arts School holiday ‘sail’ program and silhouettes of SEA members taken during sessions at Southern Edge Arts youth theatre group.
The use of archival maritime port photographs aims to highlight the historical, social, environmental and ecological changes of the Port and harbour to a broad audience in a new medium – video projection, celebrating a culturally significant link between the Port and community.
A collective identity derived from our connection to the environment.
Several projectors will be set up around the AEC by VJzoo. The two triangular sails facing Albany City will be used as a canvas for night projections and also the side panel facing Anzac Park.
Best vantage points for viewing the projections include Anzac park, Stirling Terrace and the overpass to the AEC. Residents who live with a view of the AEC will be able to enjoy silhouette from their homes.
Coordinator of the Art Trail, Annette Grant, said the organising group, ArtsouthWA, had received funding for the project from Lottery West, Festivals Australia and the Albany Port Authority. Many members of the community have contributed an enormous amount of time to the event, ‘Silhouette Outdoor Projections’, none more so than its coordinator, Serena McLauchlan.

AECOctopus Sidney Pritchard (VAC ‘sail’ workshops)