History of the ALS wins 2011 Premier’s Prize

Media Statement from Colin Barnett

•History of the Aboriginal Legal Service wins top prize for Fiona Skyring
•Book is ‘elegantly written, painstakingly researched and profoundly relevant’

Premier Colin Barnett tonight announced that Fiona Skyring’s Justice: A History of the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia had won the 2011 Premier’s Prize at the Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards.  
Mr Barnett said the book made a significant contribution to understanding the changes in criminal justice and policing, and to attitudes about racial discrimination and land rights that had occurred in recent times in WA.
“The judges described Fiona Skyring’s work as elegantly written, painstakingly researched and profoundly relevant, a ‘must read’ for all Western Australians,” he said.
“It is very pleasing to see a WA title win the overall $25,000 Premier’s Prize this year ¬- with 596 entries received nationally - and it is also very pleasing to announce that WA authors have won several other prize categories.”
Highly-acclaimed local author Tim Winton was also inducted into the State Library of Western Australia’s Hall of Fame of notable and prolific WA writers.
The Premier said Mr Winton was well-known locally, nationally and internationally and was one of Australia’s most esteemed writers for both adults and children.
“He has inspired scores of young writers and captivated readers across many genres.  His work has also been successfully adapted for stage, screen and radio,” he said.
Tim Winton is a multiple recipient of WA Premier’s Book Awards, including the Premier’s Prize for Dirt Music (2001); fiction category awards for Shallows and Scission (1985), Minimum of Two (1988) and Cloudstreet (1991); and was children’s category winner for Jesse (1990) and Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo (1991).
Tim Winton and Ellen Fontana also won the scripts category for Cloudstreet: The Screenplay published by Penguin Group (Australia).
Fact File
•Judging panel chaired by Dr Rose Lucas with panel members Beverley Jacobson, Dr Sarah McQuade, Wendy Were, Dr Jean Chetkovich, Tehani Wessely, Miffy Farquharson, Judi Jagger, Prof Jan Carter, Assoc Prof Robyn McCarron, Delys Bird, Dr Tama Leaver, Ken Kelso and Dr Polly Low
•More information:  http://www.slwa.wa.gov.au/about_us/premiers_book_awards

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