Connecting Cultures at Twin Creeks

Media Statement from South Coast Natural Resource Management

South Coast NRM’s Cultural Heritage team hosted the morning session of the Present and Past: Connecting Cultures event held at Twin Creeks Reserve, Porongurup, on Friday.

The event, organised by the Friends of the Porongurup Range, saw a large enthusiastic crowd gather to listen to a group of Aboriginal Elders discuss aspects of Noongar life.

Averil Dean and Treasy Woods talked about Aboriginal totems and family groups and the significance of the Porongurup Range to Aboriginal people, while Ezzard Flowers told stories of his early life at the Gnowangerup Mission during the 1960s.

Carol Pettersen and Lynette Knapp held a tactile presentation on bush food and bush medicine and discussed how Noongars worked with the land to sustain and protect their food for future generations, while Larry Blight demonstrated how to make traditional tools by using grass, tree resin and fire to join stone to wood to form knives and spears.

Twin Creeks1: Carol Petterson during bush food presentation.
Twin Creeks2: Attendees listen to Friends of the Porongurup Range’s chair Lorna Long.
Twin Creeks3: Cultural Connections project officer Graeme Simpson and Noongar Elder Averil Dean.
Twin Creeks4: Elder Lynette Knapp during her bush foods presentation.

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