Probus is growing in your community

The Probus movement has its genesis in the U.K.
The first club was known as the Campus Club and was formed in 1965 by the Rotary Club of Welwyn Garden City, 20 miles North of London. The name was derived from the area of the town in which it was conceived- the campus. The second was formed by the Rotary Club of Caterham in 1966 and was named the Probus club, for the PRO in professional and the BUS in business. Both were formed to meet the need for companionship of their peers and mental stimulation for retired professional and business men.
Since then, Probus has spread around the world. The first club in Rotary's Pacific Region was the Probus club on Kapiti coast, New Zealand, in 1974. The first in Australia was the Probus club in Hunters Hill, N.S.W in 1976. Since the first clubs were established, Probus has grown at an astonishing rate. By September 1, 1966, there were 1, 875 Probus clubs in the South Pacific Regioin; and they were being formed at the rate of eight a month.
As Probus has continued to grow in the region, groups of clubs have gained the confidence to organise gathering for special occassions to which they have invited Probus members from throughout the South Pacific Region.
Probians serve to promote fellowship and extend frienships among retired people.
No doubt Probus will continue to grow; and, while the need exists, Rotary clubs will respond by forming Probus clubs to meet that need.
There are 11 clubs in the Great Southern Region with six of those being in Albany. For further information contact Graham on 0421 068 477
See the GatWAy pages for Great Southern Probus clubs