Building Values into your Business

Albany-based Author Richard Keeler will be leading a discussion on Wednesday, the 29th of August that will help your business deliver great value to your customers.
Hosted at the Albany Small Business Centre, Richard will focus on areas that will help you:
  • Identify the value in your business
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Create customer advocates
  • Use values as a framework for goal setting
  • Establish patterns that build your brand into evbery aspect of your business

The workshop starts at 5:45pm and finishes for light refreshment at 7pm.
Charge for attending is $40 (Cost includes a copy of Richard Keeler's book Going the Extra Mile. 
RSVP by phone on 9841 8477
or E-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Going the Extra Mile (Blurb)
"In a world that has been run ragged by the endless pursuit of the glorious dollar and is now left battered, bloodied and exhausted as a result, it is a good time to take stock of what really matter to us. To look at what we expect from the businesses that serve usw and why we should give thought to where we choose to spend our money.
This is a compilation of stories about three people who do things a little differently when it comes to running a business. They all start from the premise that their customers are the reason they do what they do.
Unusual though this may be, it is not the only reason they stand apart."